The Legendary Power of Medicine Stones

I found a piece of paper today with all different stone meanings on it. It is very interesting and I thought I would share it with you.

Agate – Guide to Mother Earth, Strong Protector

Amethyst – Stimulates Psychic abilities .  Protects against witchcraft

Apache Tear – Reflects flaws and aids in behavior change

Bloodstone – Reduces stress and enhances creativity

Carnelian – Protects against envy, fear and urge. Banishes sorrow

Citrine – Guards against negative influence. Promotes sunny and cheerful attitude  

Crystal – Promotes patience and perseverance.  Aids meditation and spiritual growth

Hematite – Concentrates energy and emotions for balance between mind, body, and spirit

Jasper – Reduces fear and guilt.  Protects from the unseen hazards of the night

Malachite – Aids against depression and gives a sense of well being.  Reveals fear of change

Moonstone – Stimulates the senses and aids in self-analysts

Obsidian – Dispels negativity.  Protection for the supersensitive

Petrified Wood – Restores energy and protects against injury and infections

Pyrite – Protection from enemies.  Aids in problems with addictions

Rose Quartz – Helps clear anger and hurt.  Builds self-image

Tigers Eye – Promotes clear thinking.  Brings back luck

Turquoise – Stone of love.  Protection for travelers

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