Aura Crystals and Essential Oils Guide as an Alternative Healing method for helping balance The Chakras

Aura Healing Crystals Blog

Aura Crystals for Chakra BalancingYour in-depth guide to help make working with crystals & oils and the chakras easier.

One of the nicest aspects of crystals, is that they are color-coordinated with the energy centers called the chakras, which makes working with them very easy to follow.

These chakra descriptions predominately focus on imbalances. If what you read doesn’t apply to you, that chakra is most likely in balance. However, it does no harm to place an appropriate stone on each chakra while meditating. This helps to provide overall balance for the aura.

You will most probably notice that some crystals relate to more than one chakra. Tiger’s eye, for instance, as a grounding stone, relates to the first chakra. Because of its golden hue and its connection to manifesting goals it can be used as a third-chakra stone as well.

The same is true of essential oils. Rose and Jasmine, for example, relate…

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