Clearing Negative Energy From Your Home

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Creating a cleansing station is a great way tocontinuouslyclear the negative energy from your home. A cleansing station attracts the negative energy in your home and cleanses it by transforming it into white light. To create a cleansing station you will need the following items:

1. a mirror

2. a piece of paper

3. a lighted crystal (or a crystal with a light or candle in front of it)

The mirror becomes the cleansing portal for negative energy. You want to make sure that themirror isin a position to reflect the lighted crystal.Preferably you want to place the lighted crystal at the front center of the mirror.

To activate your cleansing station youneed to write a healing prayer on a piece of paper. Write a healing prayer such as: ”My intention is that the negative energy go into the mirror and be transformed into white light”. Once you have written…

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