DANBURITE – Angels Personified (into a rock)

Where You Find the Magic

Danburite crystals have a wedge face (diamond like) and striated sides.

Danburites Main Face is Wedge shaped Wedge Faced Danburite Crystal

Legend has it that Danburite was first discovered in the tomb of a Cacique (a native Indian chief) where they had been placed as jewels to signify that he was wealthy. They are one of the thirteen ‘Ascension Stones’ and connect us to higher, Divine will!

In 1839, Charles Upham Shephard found it in Danbury, Connecticut, USA. which it was named after.

When to use:

I like to use Danburite when people feel alone or disconnected from God / Source, when people get stuck in their head and its all old rubbish that needs to be cleared out, when people are non believers in anything beyond their current reality. Its a great stone to  use to get people back into the flow of their own direction, desires and truth. It can help when you cant see the…

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