Pendulum Hints.

Hibiscus Dreaming

Choosing your Pendulum.
Set the intent that you wish to purchase a pendulum that you can work with, that will resonate with your highest best interest and provide clear and concise responses.

Cleansing your Pendulum
Smudging – using incense or white sage.  Pass the pendulum through the smoke with the intent of cleansing away all negative and blocks that the pendulum may be holding on to.

Place in the palm of one hand and cover with the other and send love and light to the pendulum with the same loving intent as for smudging.
Salting – place in dry salt and wash or clean off salt residue when finished.  Leave for as long as you feel is necessary in the salt. Wash in water – to help move all heaviness and negativity.

NB:  always be mindful of the type of material of the pendulum. For example, some crystals you should…

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