Cleansing crystals, which way??

Silva Sound Therapy

The question most people ask when new to working with crystals, is what is the best way to cleanse them?
Well, there are many different ways and my advice would be to go with whichever “feels right” for you and your crystals, but here are a few ways for you to try, and see which works best for you:

Used by the Native Americans, for purifying and cleansing, smudge sticks are traditionally of Sage, Cedar, Sweetgrass and Tobacco, the sacred four!
Simply light the smudge stick and once lit, blow out the flame. This leaves it smoking, and this is what it used to cleanse. Waft the smoke with a feather to ensure it is dispersed all over and around the crystals.



If this is not the method for you, try placing them outside during a full moon, this is the gentlest and easiest way.
Put them out…

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