Crystals and The Moon

The New Divine Humanity

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Programming Your Crystals, with the Powerful Influence of the Moon, and More!

So Much is misunderstood about Crystals. They are Living entities. They hold “real” energy just as you do. Everything is Energy and Interacts with Your Energy.

Getting to “know” each type of crystal is an important step in developing your Awareness of energy and its proper respectful use.

I suggest knowing a crystal, spending time with one crystal for up to six months, before moving on to another crystal.
Hopefully you “know” each crystals energy so well, that if you were even blindfolded and picked a crystal, were going you would KNOW what crystal it was by HOW it FELT. That is KNOWING the energy of a Crystal.

Just as each Soul is Unique, each crystal is also Unique, yet holds similar energetic properties within its Family.

The main properties are of the Planets and a crystal can…

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