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Crystals and The Moon

The New Divine Humanity

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Programming Your Crystals, with the Powerful Influence of the Moon, and More!

So Much is misunderstood about Crystals. They are Living entities. They hold “real” energy just as you do. Everything is Energy and Interacts with Your Energy.

Getting to “know” each type of crystal is an important step in developing your Awareness of energy and its proper respectful use.

I suggest knowing a crystal, spending time with one crystal for up to six months, before moving on to another crystal.
Hopefully you “know” each crystals energy so well, that if you were even blindfolded and picked a crystal, were going you would KNOW what crystal it was by HOW it FELT. That is KNOWING the energy of a Crystal.

Just as each Soul is Unique, each crystal is also Unique, yet holds similar energetic properties within its Family.

The main properties are of the Planets and a crystal can…

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Binaural Beats

Journey Through Love and Light

Binaural beats affect our brain waves directly and what they do is create two seperate freguency waves in each ear individually, the brain then reacts to this and creates it’s own, the ear can not hear it, but the brain knows it there. The only way to get the effect is to wear headphones when using binuaral beats.  My husband being a musician we have loads of headphones and I enjoy the one that blocks out all sounds, literally, they work great.

There is a shift in consciousness when you reach a certain frequency within the alpha and theta state in meditation, with the use of these beats, it can happen much quicker.

You can download a wide range of different binuarul beats at the Unexplainable Store online. they are very cheap and some are free.  You can download some for astral projection, esp, lucid dreaming, etc.

You can get into a very…

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Cleansing crystals, which way??

Silva Sound Therapy

The question most people ask when new to working with crystals, is what is the best way to cleanse them?
Well, there are many different ways and my advice would be to go with whichever “feels right” for you and your crystals, but here are a few ways for you to try, and see which works best for you:

Used by the Native Americans, for purifying and cleansing, smudge sticks are traditionally of Sage, Cedar, Sweetgrass and Tobacco, the sacred four!
Simply light the smudge stick and once lit, blow out the flame. This leaves it smoking, and this is what it used to cleanse. Waft the smoke with a feather to ensure it is dispersed all over and around the crystals.



If this is not the method for you, try placing them outside during a full moon, this is the gentlest and easiest way.
Put them out…

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Global Maharishi Effect


Visual Alchemy 11

 Visual Alchemy

 I wanted to share this thank you email that if you registered I am sure you received as well. It is really incredible and something we should do all the time. Leigh at Not Just Sassy on the Inside, does hold a Peace Meditation every Sunday. We humans should continue to do so.


Chopra Meditation Center

Friday we came together with a collective intention for peace—within ourselves, and around the world.

With over 100,000 people meditating from nearly every country in the world, we sent a powerful message that we are ready to be the change we want to see. Thank you for being part of this historical moment. Together, we set the intention for a more peaceful, just, sustainable world. If you missed the event, you can watch the recording at

If you would like to continue your meditation journey with the Chopra Center, we…

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Meditation ~ How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind However You Wish

Hālau 'Aha Hūi Lanakila™


The conscious mind can effectively change the subconscious mind with persistence and as long as one does not fight the very changes they are trying to make.  When we try to make changes to our subconscious mind or our belief structure, we are usually doing so in direct opposition to the patterns and programming already instilled there.  Therefore our mind is still working from the old programming in a certain sense.  We must then overcome this inherent tendency.  This is where persistence comes in.  If you imagine that the subconscious mind and/or each belief is like a block of stone and you are a sculptor, every day, you chip away at the block of stone in the formation of your new reality/programming/beliefs.  After a while, the new statue is created, in stone (permanently), in your subconscious mind.  By spending time each day affirming our new beliefs/programming, we can successfully change…

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