Agates carry a quiet energy that works on the subtle bodies, and are great for achieving stability and balance in many aspects of one’s life.  Agates tend to work behind the scenes on the cause, instead of the symptom, of an issue.  Agate is believed to improve mental functions and can help where issues of clarity and stability are concerned.  Agate is also helpful in overcoming negative emotions by bringing love into the chakras.  Although they work very slowly and deliberately, this gentle nature of Agate helps them to have a lasting impact…. read more

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Blue lace agate.


Blue lace agate is a healing stone, it can be used to heal the throat chakra.

Wear around the neck for best results.

It can be used in meditation.

calcite (iceland spa)

calcite(iceland spa)_no-background_295x316












this one is a good link.

or better still this one with ‘Full Text Listing’

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